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What is the WordPress CMS?

Selecting the right platform for your business’s website can be a tricky prospect. If your needs are centered around content publishing, SEO, and a great presentation, WordPress may be the right platform for you.

WordPress is the most popular content management system in the world, powering an estimated 63%1 of all websites. Denverdata Web provides design, theming, support, and development to clients who choose WordPress to power their business.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is an open-source content management system focused on presentation and ease of use. Its plugin system allows its core functionality to be extended beyond a basic blogging platform. An estimated 50,000 paid and free plugins and 30,000 themes exist to provide a wide variety of common features and integrations for customization.

Why WordPress?

If web publishing is at the center of your business strategy, WordPress may be the best content management system for your business.

WordPress is a great platform for businesses whose primary goal is to promote their message through their digital presence. You want a content publishing platform that is simple to use and allows your staff to easily publish content and updates. If your focus is on simplicity and your website doesn’t require custom features or integrations, then this platform is a great choice for you.

Simple Setup

One of the most popular benefits is how easy it is to install WordPress. With just a few steps, your new website can be created and ready for customization. With such a simple process, the overhead of installation for a basic site or site prototype can be significantly reduced. This simplicity makes for an extremely accessible platform for businesses whose primary focus is to get their website live.

User Friendly

When choosing a platform, you want one that will be easy to use by your staff. They should be able to start blogging without any tools slowing down their process.

WordPress core features include friendly content authoring tools, rich media handling facilities, and simple administrative interfaces. It’s a snap to create beautiful blog posts and articles and push them out to the world. Your editorial staff will enjoy being able to focus on creating great content instead of being held back by technical limitations.

Themes and Plugins


When creating your website, you want to be able to customize it to meet your business needs and reflect your unique branding. With WordPress’s library of themes and plugins, building a custom website is made simple.

WordPress plugin developers have encountered and solved a wide variety of use cases. Many of these developers then publish their solutions and make them available for purchase or free download. This library provides us with the tools we need to tailor your website so that it meets your unique business needs.

Another great feature is its focus on presentation. Community designers have created and published a broad range of themes which provide flexible layouts and user interface enhancements. These themes can help you customize your content with nearly limitless presentation options.

Broad Ecosystem

Given its popularity, there is a large community of designers and developers contributing to WordPress. Contributors are constantly releasing new plugins and themes, which provides us with a variety of ways to customize your website throughout its lifetime.

As the WordPress core platform is updated, developers keep their contributions up to date with changes. New articles, tutorials, and documentation are created daily. Community support is readily available. This community provides us with current resources and knowledge to keep your website up to date with current standards.

Who Uses WordPress?

Many major companies choose WordPress for their blogging, marketing, and social media efforts. Below are just a few names you might recognize who have chosen it as their CMS platform.

  • The New Yorker - Migrated from multiple proprietary CMS platforms. Cites better content creation tools as the primary reason for selecting WordPress.
  • Vogue - Demonstrates clean, simple design and multiple page layouts.
  • Slack blog - Migrated from Medium to WordPress.

Our WordPress Experience

From basic marketing sites to more complex publishing platforms, Denverdata Web has created WordPress sites to meet a variety of client needs. Our services include:

  • Marketing and portfolio website development
  • Mobile/responsive web design
  • Custom theme development
  • Custom plugin development
  • 3rd Party API integration
  • Content migration
  • Digital marketing and Social media integration

Start Your WordPress Project With Us!

Whether you're just planning your new web development project or already have a WordPress website, consult with Denverdata Web! Our WordPress web design team is here to help you with WordPress website development and site support for your business. We’ll work with you to develop a strategy that meets the goals and timelines for your website. Contact us today to learn more about how we can serve your business.