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Keep Your Website Secure & Up-to-date

A good web platform is constantly being evaluated by its developers to address security issues, performance issues, and to add functionality in response to user demand. Keep your site up to date to take advantage of exciting, cutting-edge features, and keep your site secure!

If you’ve been running your business website yourself, you may not have paid much attention to crucial updates which keep your site running smoothly. Having an expert resource who stays on top of the latest updates will allow you keep your website running smoothly so you can focus your attention on other areas of your business.

Protect Your Site

A hacked site can be costly to repair, and can damage your business’ reputation. A hacking incident can cause lost revenue, data loss, and puts you at risk of legal action if sensitive data is leaked. As security issues are reported to the public, it is necessary to update your site to ensure your site is protected from these security concerns.

WordPress core, Drupal core, and contributed plugins and themes constantly have new releases which eliminate known security vulnerabilities. Your site needs to be updated as these are released to prevent hackers from exploiting known issues and damaging your site.

Web security should be a priority for your site. You want a trusted resource who monitors security concerns and updates your site as soon as fixes are released. With a partner like Denverdata Web in your corner, you’ll know your site is being updated as new security updates are released.

Maximize Site Performance

Developers are always looking for ways to speed up their platforms and improve site performance, page speed, and website load time . Not only does a faster site make for a great experience for your users, search engines factor load time into search ranking algorithms. Faster sites rank higher than slow ones, meaning your page speed also affects your SEO!

Understanding all the factors that govern web site performance takes time, practice, and specialized knowledge. Your website’s performance is a huge factor in its - and your business’ - success. You need the expert knowledge of a trusted web development team to apply the web site updates needed to keep your site fast, and your visitors happy!

Get the Latest Features

New features are constantly being created in response to requests from users just like you. With all these great features rolling out, you may be missing out on great advances in ease of use, business-friendly features, and so much more!

Sometimes plugins, modules, and themes stop being supported by the developer community. When this happens, you’ll want to switch to an extension which has continued support to ensure the ongoing safety and function of your site.

Our Web Security and Maintenance Services

Why try to keep up with all the new features yourself when you can have a team of professionals update your site, address any update issues, and inform you of new and exciting features these updates provide?

Website Security updates

Denverdata Web constantly monitors Wordpress and Drupal platforms for reported security issues, and updates sites to help keep them safe. You’ll never have to worry about keeping your site secure with a team of experts keeping your site updated with the latest WordPress or Drupal security updates!

Performance enhancements

A slow site costs page rankings, site visits, and ultimately business! Our team of experts can help you diagnose and resolve troublesome performance problems, keeping your visitors happy and engaged. As improvements in the code are released, we’ll make sure your site has the newest and fastest code available.

Website Maintenance 

Whether it’s backup and recovery, uptime monitoring, or broken link testing, Denverdata Web provides a host of website maintenance services to keep your site healthy and running smoothly.