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SaaS Platform Creation in Denver

Software as a Service Development in Denver

What is a SaaS platform?

Software as a Service is a type of software which allows users to use software over the web, instead of conventional installation on their device. Users typically pay for SAAS software using a subscription model, vs. an upfront licensing fee.

The SAAS platform model has gained popularity over the last several years with both software developers and users. The primary advantages include:

  • Users
  • Low upfront cost to use vs. pay for license model
  • No installation required
  • Ease of access from any web-capable device
  • Quicker releases of new features and enhancements
  • Multi-tiered pricing and feature models allow users to pay only for the features they need
  • Developers
  • High availability and reliability
  • Scalability and cost effectiveness - scale the platform as it is needed
  • Global distribution at low cost
  • Incremental income and more predictable revenue model
  • Low cost for entry attracts more users
  • Ease of releasing new features and enhancements
  • Prioritize new development based on real user feedback


The SAAS model gives your software a constantly-evolving lifespan, allowing you to respond to new feature requests and enhancements as they are devised. Advancements in web technologies provide nearly limitless capabilities in modern web-based applications.

Getting Started

Whether you’re founding a new SAAS company, a CIO, CTO or Product Manager of a company, You may struggle with sorting out how to get your software vision off the ground. You have great ideas about what your software should do, but what are the next steps?

  • Know Your Business Model - It may seem like an obvious step for any business, but establishing a clear method by which the software will generate revenue is a vital step before engaging in the development of your product. The business model acts as the guiding principle against which all other critical decisions are made.
  • Market Analysis and Validation - What problem are we solving for our users? What value is our solution to them? Who else has a similar product? These and other important questions help validate the assumptions you’ve made during your initial idea phase.
  • Requirements - Your great idea has passed muster in the marketplace, and you’re ready to nail down the specifics of what the software needs to do. Are there different types of users who interact with the site in different ways? How does a user flow through the functions of the site? What data do we need to capture to measure our success?
  • Minimum Viable Product - You want your new software to start generating revenue as quickly as possible. The best way to do this is to carefully consider the smallest possible set of features you can release and start selling. With the understanding that a successful SAAS product will undergo continuous improvements over its lifespan, you can pare the first release down to the bare minimum.
  • User Experience Design - Using wireframed representations of how the site will be presented, nail down the specifics of how the users will interact with the SAAS product.
  • Branding - Establish logos, color schemes, and other representations of your brand to use throughout the site.
  • Application Architecture - Select the best technology platform for your application to be built with. Document the user stories, supporting libraries, plugins, and data structures.
  • Infrastructure Architecture - Identify the server infrastructure and software necessary to support your application based on the documented architecture.
  • Software Development - Create the MVP product you defined in the original scope. Test and identify any new requirements necessary for initial release.
  • Alpha/Beta Testing - Assemble a group of testers to use the site, perform the primary tasks, and provide unbiased feedback on its value, ease of use, and overall experience.
  • Release - Make your first SAAS offering available to the world by deploying it to your live server environment!
  • Ongoing Iterative Development - Prioritize feature backlog items. Establish sprint tasks. Develop and release on an ongoing basis.
  • Marketing and Promotion - Engage in Digital Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, and other forms of marketing to get the word out about your great product!
  • Monitoring Your Success - Using the data collected, set goals, monitor performance, and adjust priorities.

Our SAAS Development Services

At Denverdata Web, we have extensive experience in all aspects of Software as a Service product development. With an experienced team on your side, you project will get done smoothly and efficiently, and start generating revenue fast!


You need a trusted partner to help guide you from the idea stage all the way through release. And you want that partner to stay with you as your SAAS platform grows and evolves. Whether you need guidance on idea evaluation, market research, or technology selection, Denverdata Web can help. With expert guidance from industry veterans, you’ll maximize your product success by sharing a common vision, avoiding pitfalls, and maximizing your investment value at every step of the way.

Visual Design and Technical Architecture

Every good project begins with a good plan, and a smooth development process relies on a solid architecture. Work with the user experience experts at Denverdata Web to create an interface your users find intuitive, friendly, and engaging. When building a SAAS, user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) design not only help visualize the platform in the early stages, but help drive development requirements before the project begins. We can then perform technology selection and create the technical blueprint to get your application built right!

SAAS Application Development

By working with the expert development team at Denverdata Web, you can be sure your SAAS product is built right the first time. Working from a sound architecture, our developers will build your product in a consistent, standards-compliant way, with an eye toward future enhancements. Our agile project management process helps ensure your SAAS development project is executed quickly and efficiently, and manages your ongoing development costs.

Infrastructure Architecture and Hosting

Once your site is launched, you want to make sure your web application can handle the traffic! As your number of users increases, you’ll need a platform that scales to meet the increased demand. Denverdata Web has expertise in cloud hosting, automated infrastructure scaling, backup and recovery, and all the infrastructure services your site needs to stay secure, healthy, and performant.

Digital Marketing

What good is a great SAAS product if nobody knows about it? The digital marketing experts at Denverdata Web can help you identify the audience for your SAAS business, develop a strategy, and promote your product in a focused and cost-effective way. Drive traffic to your site, and get the word out about your product to increase revenue and brand awareness.