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You Need to Improve How You Manage Your Data

You have data to manage, and more often than not it is data that is critical to the success of your organization. In the modern data-saturated world you are no stranger in this regard, but if you are here it is because your current data management solution is not meeting your needs.

All Organizations Are Different, But Experience Similar Problems

Your company is unique and you have your own particular data issues you have to manage on a daily basis. In our years of developing data solutions we have discovered a common set of problems that most organizations are trying to solve. Do any of these issues with your current data management system seem familiar to you?

Stuck Working in Excel, Or Worse, Paper

  • You're using spreadsheets and/or paper because you lack the IT resources for something more robust.
  • You might have requirements for more advanced reporting.
  • Not having a custom or proprietary solution means you are probably reinventing the wheel each time you are creating new datasets.

Old, Unsupported, Difficult to Use

  • You have a software data solution but it is old and not supported any longer.
  • Perhaps your current system doesn’t perform as fast as you need any more.
  • May need to extend access, or make it more distributed, easier to use, or browser based.

Lacks Connectivity and Integrations

  • Your data can’t stay silo’d and requires import/export automation, or integration with other data systems.
  • You need support for enforcement of regulatory compliance such as HIPAA, PCI, GDPR, or other standards and requirements.

If you are using an off-the-shelf application, or have cobbled together a system using spreadsheets, your system offers no edge against your competitors. Your business software systems often represent a significant investment and a valuable proprietary business asset. Contact us today to learn more about alleviating your data management problems.

A Custom Designed Database Application Will Support Your Needs

A custom data solution may be the best and only option to remedy your data management problems. An effective data management system, a valuable intellectual property in its own right, will add efficiency, reliability and capabilities to your most valuable asset - your data.

You Need a System That Works For You, Not Holds You Back

Being distinctly more powerful than spreadsheets, a custom database application can provide a number of important benefits.

Enforced Data Integrity

Specialized databases can provide a number of data integrity features such as: the ability to lock records dynamically while information is being updated, and maintaining referential identity between tables and datasets when updates happen.

Simple and Specialized Interfaces

Interfaces and data structures will be tailored to support your specific security needs, such as distinct user permissions for data entry, data management, data reporting/analysis, and administrative staff.

Cloud or Internet Accessibility

In the modern workplace you will want your team to be able to collaborate effectively and not be limited to sharing just in the local office or network.

We Understand Your Problems and We’ve Solved Them Before

Denver Data Web has solved the most common challenges many times, and has the track-record to make you successful without all of the headache. We’ve implemented custom database solutions across a wide variety of industries using our proprietary process for painlessly discovering your system and usability requirements efficiently. And, we have worked with a wide variety of data storage architectures as well as user interface and integration platforms.

  • User-friendly, accessible, and performant ✔
  • HIPAA, banking, or other regulatory requirements ✔
  • Cybersecurity protections, encryption, testing ✔
  • Training, hosting, maintenance, support ✔

The end result is a system that gives you peace-of-mind, makes your team more efficient and capable, and ultimately adds to your business intellectual property value as capital infrastructure that is unique to your company.

The system will be easy to use, accessible, fast, and you’ll have the support and backing of a leader in database application technologies as well as the power and reliability of Google Cloud infrastructure. We understand the importance of your data, and our highly-qualified team is eager to help.

Work With a Team That Can Navigate Your Path to Success

When you need a custom database application, Denver Data Web is the first (and only) choice. Our team has more than 20 years of experience tailoring database and database application solutions according to your goals, and is always focused on maximizing your ROI over the shortest possible time.

How could you go wrong with the support of a team that values their customers, loves data, and is driven to see you succeed. Contact us now to learn more about how your specific challenges could be solved.

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