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TruDesign Colorado provides beautiful interior design solutions for commercial and residential properties across Colorado. DenverData Web provided TruDesign with a beautiful web design solution to complement their service offerings. TruDesign's goal was to build and establish their online presence to more effectively attract and retain customers. To achieve this goal of an improved online presence, Denverdata focused on laying the foundation for a website that incorporates all the industry best standards for web design and development. With a strong foundation in place, Denverdata was able to implement a variety of other features for enhanced user experience. One of these features was a dynamic masonry grid and slideshow that showcases TruDesign's design portfolio. This masonry grid improved the visual communication of TruDesign's site and effectively communicates to site visitors the quality and value of TruDesign's interior design solutions. As a result of these efforts, TruDesign's site has generated more traffic, and their customer base in Denver and Boulder has grown substantially.

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