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In today’s increasingly technologically dependent world, a website is mandatory if you want to set a foothold on the vast landscape of the Internet. For business owners, it’s your face on the web, allowing you to easily promote your business and communicate with your target audience.

For many, the main goal when it comes to creating a website is to build one that’s attractive to your customers. After all, appearances matter the most, right? There’s truth in this statement, but designing and creating a website goes beyond simple aesthetics.

Intuitive Website Design

When it comes to website development, so few are actually willing to get down and dirty and go beyond simple appearances. Intuitive website design should be what you’re aiming for if your goal is a website that attracts your target audience; by intuitive, that means your website should be smart and easy to use.

So many people bog down their target audience by creating flashy websites that are uncalled for. The people aren’t there to see all the cool effects you’ve added onto your website – they want the content. An intuitive design is easy to use, meaning that there’s no learning curve at all when it comes to using your website.

The organization of your website is another thing you need to monitor. Visitors to your site are more likely to stay and browse the rest of your pages if all of it is well-organized. Remember: and average web visit lasts less than a minute. In that short amount of time, your potential customer can leave or stay, and it all depends on how organized and well-presented your site’s content is.

Smarter Web Design: It’s All About Integration

One of the major trends in website design is integration. So few corporate websites are actually integrated with their other business systems since it’s admittedly very difficult to do; this is a potential pitfall as not only will your site not function in its fullest capacity, you might unknowingly use more time and resources. This is because your business process will have to go that extra mile to incorporate the rest of your business systems, when it could have been integrated with the site in the first place.

Integration also means connecting your website with other website and social media platforms. Like it or not, social media is a major player in the Internet. It might seem trivial to you, but integrating your website with sites like Twitter or Facebook can boost your site’s ranking, and draw in more customers.

At Denverdata Web, we know web development by heart. We aren’t afraid to go under the surface of your website, innovate and integrate your business, while keeping it fresh and aesthetically pleasing for both you and your target audience. Learn more about our web development services today!

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