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Web Advice for Dispensaries - Week 3

Keep your keywords in mind:

It sounds simple. Try this exercise to make sure your content aligns with your keywords.

  1. Make a list of the keywords you have in your mind when you write a particular page, blog article, or product description. Put it aside.
  2. Write your page.
  3. Then compare – do the exact keywords on your list show up in your content? If not, make revisions until they flow naturally into your content.
  4. Try to keep it to one keyword (or keyword concept) per page. It eventually starts to feel less forced, I promise.

    Meta Descriptions:

    Use the meta descriptions fields on your website. If your website is using any sort of CMS system, such as WordPress or Drupal, make sure your developer installs an SEO module that lets you edit the meta descriptions for your pages and products. Meta descriptions are used by the search engines to pull out succinct information. Meta keywords have fallen out of favor. You may still see them in your website admin panel, but they don’t do much for you. Focus your attention on the descriptions instead – these are critical.

    Link out:

    Recent changes in search algorithms award modest gains to sites that link out to other sites. Links to other sites presumably help your visitors access additional information, positioning you as an educator instead of just a retailer. So feel free to link to outside sources, particularly for coverage on legal developments affecting the marijuana industry. Make sure to include a "target=blank" in your link so it opens in a different tab and users can continue to easily browse your site. See this easy HTML tutorial for examples.

    Free tools

    Two extremely helpful, easy (and free!) tools for you to use are Google Analytics and Google Trends.

    Google Trends

    Use Google Trends to help your dispensary site focus on the keywords that people are actually searching for.

    web development trends

    A really cool feature is the ability to compare similar keywords. Sometimes, the difference between a singular and a plural form of a term makes a huge difference. For example, if we compare the "best Denver dispensaries" to "best Denver dispensary," way more people are searching for the singular form – that solo number 1 shop!

    best denver dispensary keywordGoogle Analytics is a free service offered by Google that lets you track internet traffic to your website. You connect your Gmail email to the site URL that you want to track and Google provides a simple snippet of code with a unique tracking key. Add this snippet to a file that shows up on every page on your site for best results and voila! You can track the number of visitors, the pages they spend the most time on, and what pages might be losing your customers.

    Contact your digital marketing agency if you need help inserting the code in the right place. It’s very important, but not very hard or time-consuming.

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