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Launching a new website can be quite the challenge, but there are things you can do to get the ball rolling—like looking into some of the latest trends. The finished product may look like that one website, but that doesn’t mean yours won’t establish its own identity. Denver Data’s web designers and developers work hard for your site to be its own—one that is unique and doesn’t share too many properties with another website.

Nevertheless, it’s good to have accessible features, AKA trendy on-page elements, that people can recognize. These are small details that make up the whole picture, but trust us when we say that it will make a difference on how visitors interact with your website. This 2016, these seem to be the biggest hits:


We are certain that you’ve come across a micro-interaction before. These are the simple clicks to close an ad, remove a tab, slide up or down a page, swipe down, or view notifications. We try to make it as interactive as possible for users without being tedious. There’s a balance, and that’s where we will put your website.


Whether it’s a video, text or a picture, everything in your website must scale to the user’s device. This is a non-negotiable trait for your website because it’s almost a given. It’s become a trend because more people are browsing and accessing the Internet primarily from their smartphone.

Ghost Buttons

Users hate it when something obstructs their view of the page, even if it’s the navigation buttons on the page. So, to avoid getting those two emails from raging users, we will implement a ghost button design. This way, the page doesn’t break when going through the buttons and the overall look would be seamless.

Using Cards

The most popular use of “cards” in web design is the kind that Weebly uses, which as you see from their growth, is something that developed through the years. You can see it in the most visited websites: it’s clean, it has hierarchy, and it’s simple. What’s not to love?

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