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9/13/2016 Article

DENVER - Denver Startup Week is said to be one of the biggest events of its kind in North America. The week of events began Monday with a bustling kickoff party at Denver Union Station. Ben Deda, co-founder of Denver Startup Week, says this week is about serendipity. “I think what it’s more about is serendipity. It’s the idea that if you put enough awesome people in the same room and just make them mingle with each other, incredible things happen,” Deda said.

Deda says he is impressed with this year’s turnout but he believes the best is yet to come. “This is not Denver’s greatest chapter yet,” Deda said. “I am really excited to see where Denver is three years, five years, 10 years from now.” “All of us are trying to achieve the American dream, building a better life for our friends and our family,” Rental Kharma employee, Brain Hensley, said. Hensley has attended Denver Startup Week in the past and says Denver is the place to build a business. “I think Denver again of all places is that great place to start that from.”

Colorado native Amanda Mount says Denver Startup Week can be very helpful for one’s career. She attends the event every year and has advice for first time attendees. “You want to be memorable and enjoyable to talk to and personable and intellectual about what you are speaking to,” Mount said. Mount hopes her years of experience will be an advantage for her this year. “I was the ninth person hired at my startup and now we have like 115 people. Hopefully in the last four years I learned something that will take me in the right direction.”

Matt Anderson, Chief Digital Officer of Arrow Electronics, says there is something very special about Denver right now. “To bring sort of the power of technology and innovation and entrepreneurship and startup and all that that kind of embodies here to this building … I think that really says that Denver is not only a great place to move and live, which it clearly has been, but it’s really this throbbing heartbeat of this innovation culture.”

Arrow Electronics sponsored the Denver Startup Week opening party this year. Denver Startup week will have sessions and panel discussions for the rest of the week. The event is free and open to the public.

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