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DDW is sponsoring the TAXI Denver Urban Garden & gardening season is upon us!

With our garden filling up quickly and the weather slowly (or sporadically) getting warmer, it's time to get our plots ready for planting. Please mark your calendar to add organic compost to your plot Wednesday evening, April 30th, between 5 and 6:30 PM. The compost is courtesy of Denver Urban Gardens and will be delivered that day for us to get into the beds. We hope you all can join us and get the chance to meet your fellow gardeners.

If you haven't paid your $35 plot fee and/or signed the waiver, please stop by Denverdata Web's office at TAXI 2 in Suite 335 and talk with Melissa by Friday, April 25th. You can also either select or see where your garden plot will be located this year.

Here's a tentative calendar of summer events to add to your calendar and we'll send out emails prior to each event to remind everyone:

•Monday, May 12th: Garden Planting Day
•Late June: Garden Pizza Party and Fundraiser
•Thursday, August 14th: Garden Potluck and Garden Maintenance
•Tuesday, September 23rd: Garden Party and Garden Maintenance
•Sunday, October 19th: Bed down for the winter and final Garden Party

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